Prayers for Tara Santelices

Posted on: 8 August 2008

Why do bad things have to happen?

A college dormmate, R, used to say, “When someone takes something from you, try not to feel bad. Think of it as your little way of helping out that someone. Just pray that he uses whatever he took from you for some good purpose.”

I hold on to that thought whenever I drop my phone and it’s gone before I can even pick it up, or when I turn around for one second and the wallet on top of my table has been filched. I think of it even when I become too careless and misplace stuff that seem to be immediately transported to the never-to-be-found-items closet located, I guess, somewhere between Earth and Jupiter. I pass on that advice as well to other friends when they encounter similar misfortunes. I most especially use that statement when that something is taken by force. Patawarin mo na at baka may matinding pangangailangan lang [Please forgive him as he might just be in dire need].

A few weeks ago, an officemate, M, suffered the loss of her friend who just happened to be withdrawing from the ATM when he was bludgered on the head by a thief. The blow to his head was so hard that his skull was fractured. The worst part – he was able to bring himself to the hospital, but the emergency room people did not take care of him until after FIVE hours. By that time, the hemorrhaging was too severe. After a few days, he passed away.

This morning, I received an email from a friend asking for help for Tara Santelices, a 23 year old graduate of Ateneo. She was riding a jeep along Felix Ave., Marikina when someone declared a hold-up. She did not want to let go of her belongings. The thief held a gun to her head. And fired.

Tara is currently in the ICU of Medical City in Ortigas. She’s still fighting for her life. Her family and friends stand by her side through this painful ordeal. They need help. Any kind of assistance would suffice. If anyone’s reading this, please…

If you have something to spare, her family and friends have opened a bank account under the name of Anne Marie F. Santelices, BDO, SA 2140-062201. You can visit them as well at the ICU Waiting Room of Medical City, Ortigas Avenue, Pasig. Calls to let them know that they’re not alone would help as well – 09228154987, 09167243071, 09163695148.

Of course, a simple prayer asking for Tara’s and her family and friends’ deliverance and healing would also be a comfort. Especially to her friend, Joee Mejias, who was with Tara in the jeep, who suffered through the same nightmare, and maybe more as she singlehandedly brought Tara to the hospital. Pray that her spirit fights and heals in time.

Faced with these terrible consequences, I find myself questioning the optimistic counsel R left me with. Should the life of a person be taken just so you can feed yourself? Your family? Your whims? What good is there in taking – be it be money or a bag or a laptop… Or the wife of your neighbor… Or a life?

How does that help you? How does that make your existence better? How does that make your reality and your reasons right?

I do not want to relinquish my belief that people are innately good. We are all created in His image, guided by His hand and heart. But please…



10 Responses to "Prayers for Tara Santelices"

really love each messages you posted here, very inspirational if only that thief can read this…Let our Almighty God guide Tara.

hi, i know u don’t know me but i received the same email u did from a niece of mine who went to ateneo but didn’t graduate from there. i wanted to find out if this was one of those bogus emails so i googled her name. i was kinda hoping that it was bogus because this incident is so heartbreaking. i hear u when u say u still want to believe in the good that is inherent in every one. every now and then u do, and then every now and then something happens that wears down that belief a little at a time.

my prayers go out to her family.

thank you very much for your prayers

These criminals have already erased the distinction between doing good and doing evil. Sometimes people tend to choose money over their souls because they just don’t believe in religion anymore.

These kind of people should be punished. I hope they bring back the death penalty, if not a more severe penalty for these kind of crimes. Some robbers goes in and out of jail overnight, sadly, some policemen can be bought. Have you ever seen a policeman earning a salary of what, 15t or 20t a month, with wife and kids, can have a decent looking new SUV or Revo. While I, being a professional earning about the same amount, not married, no kids, I cant even buy my own car. That alone makes these officers eye-candy for criminal activities – if not criminal association.

The law should be the law. Gawd.

hi, please support the concert for tara on sept. 24th at bistro. would you like a copy of the poster so it could be posted here? thank you.

Hi Jonjie! Please do send a copy of the poster. Most of my friends will go to the concert. I hope Tara and Joee and their families are coping well. Most, if not all of us will keep on praying.

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i have posted a topic on tara in another forum in the hope to get more to sign up in the petition, get prayers and help for tara and her family and have a lively and very loud debate, hopefully help in elevating it into a national level so that something is done to prevent it from happening again and to catch the criminal/s.

join in the debate or discussion here :

you might not find the debate always pretty and supportive, but i hope you will accept as part of the whole process. just want to warn you about that.

i know how it feels, pinatay din ang kapatid ko ng mga magnanakaw na yan, tinangkang gahasain pero nan laban xa, it happened last october 7, 2008. She was brought in MEDICAL CITY, kung saan din xa nagtatrabaho, she used to update us about Tara’s condition. who would have thought, mangyayari din pla sa kanya. Sad part, it happened inside our house. pinasok kami ng GAPOS GANG, in the end, pinili nya i- sacrifice buhay nya, sumigaw xa para maligtas kami. it’s hard to accept that the suspects remains at large.

we are praying for Tara’s full recovery.

I’m so sorry Pam… I know that you and your family will get through this ordeal. I am sure Kuya Jess is already by your sister’s side. You have my prayers.

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